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9/17/2020 Welcome Your NEW RSA President and Vice President
9/17/2020 Congratulations to RSA Award Winners
9/17/2020 Jim McMahon Awarded Vernon Fowlkes Award
9/17/2020 Workers’ Compensation Dividend Payments Approved for RSA Member Insureds
9/17/2020 Get a Quote on CyberLock Defense Coverage from Ameritrust
9/17/2020 Make sure to promote the Great American Skate Next Weekend!
9/17/2020 Download Kids Skate Free Flyer to Display In Your Rink
8/18/2020 Announcing the NEW Kids Skate Free Program Powered by Hownd
8/17/2020 Beware of Scam Phone Calls and Emails
8/17/2020 US Roller Speed Skating American Championships Canceled for 2020
8/17/2020 Join the RSA's Town Hall Meeting Next Wednesday to Learn All About the New Kids Skate Free Platform
8/17/2020 Rinks and Coaches Encouraged to Host Test Centers to Increase Traffic
8/17/2020 Find Grants For Your Business During Covid-19 Pandemic
8/17/2020 Find Your State's Child Care and Summer Camp Regulations Before Starting Your Own Monitored Virtual Learning Program
8/17/2020 Update on What's New in Washington from Ironwood Venture
8/17/2020 What to Do if an Employee Gets Covid
8/17/2020 How Opioid Use Affects Workers' Compensation
8/6/2020 Find Your State's Child Care and Summer Camp Regulations
8/6/2020 PETITIONS: Open up California and Massachusetts Roller Skating Rinks when gyms open up again
8/6/2020 Rinks and Coaches Encouraged to Host Test Centers to Increase Traffic
8/6/2020 EPA Response to COVID-19
8/6/2020 Welcome New RSA Members
8/6/2020 Deadline to Apply for PPP Loan is this Saturday, August 8, 2020
8/6/2020 Sign up for the RSA Pepsi Program and Learn about Pepsi's Knowledge Base
8/6/2020 Have You Received a Quote from the RSA's Endorsed Insurance Carrier Yet?
8/6/2020 July Recap from CFG Wealth Management
7/30/2020 2020 Coach of the Year Award Winners?
7/23/2020 Ameritrust Delivers Options to RSA Members When Every Penny Counts
7/23/2020 IRS reminds businesses filing cash transaction reports about e-file option; batch filing now available
7/23/2020 NFIB annual Washington, D.C. event goes virtual, open to all small businesses
7/16/2020 Ideas to Pivot Your Business
7/16/2020 Top 6 Rinks and Coaches for Achievement Program
7/16/2020 Playing It Safe: Summer Safety - Dehydration
7/16/2020 How to Purchase iCandy For Your Rink
7/16/2020 What Happens if an Employee Gets Covid?
7/16/2020 FDA warns consumers of risk of methanol contamination in certain hand sanitizers
7/14/2020 CDC: What to Do If an Employee Is Suspected or Confirmed to Have Covid-19
7/14/2020 RSA President Elect, Cort Wahlig, Encourages Members to Contact Legislators
7/14/2020 iCandy Temperature Checking and Facial Recognition Software
7/14/2020 FDA Updates on Hand Sanitizers with Methanol
6/22/2020 SBA Rolls Out Dedicated Tool for Small Businesses to Connect with CDFIs, Small Asset Lenders Participating in PPP
6/22/2020 LAI Games Spearheads Project: Kickstart
6/12/2020 SBA Releases Interim Final Rule on Revisions to First Interim Final Rule
6/12/2020 Join the RSA's Town Hall Meeting Next Wednesday with Acclaimed Speaker, Shawn Rhodes
6/12/2020 States Currently Open to Skating Centers
6/12/2020 Judges Deadline Extended
6/12/2020 DIY Instructions for Cleaning Out Pepsi Lines
6/12/2020 US Roller Speed Skating Championships Now in September
6/12/2020 Deferral of Revenue Recognition and Leases
6/12/2020 This Week's Recap from CFG Wealth Management
6/12/2020 IRS provides guidance on employer leave-based donation programs that aid victims of the COVID-19 pandemic
6/12/2020 Federal Reserve Board expands its Main Street Lending Program to allow more small and medium-sized businesses to be able to receive support
6/5/2020 Hownd Releases New "Raise the Sails" Marketing Guide
6/5/2020 Employee Safety and Curfew Guidance
6/5/2020 Judges Invoice Deadline Extension
6/5/2020 How to Login to the RSA Website
6/5/2020 Download Samples from Skatezone
6/5/2020 CSA Business Solutions Phone Number
6/5/2020 Purchase a Pepsi Roller Skating Banner
6/5/2020 Expert Hosiery Offers Low Cost Socks In Light of Covid-19 Pandemic
6/5/2020 Petition to End Opportunistic Lawsuits in Missouri Amid Covid-19 Crisis
6/5/2020 Participate in the ServSafe Reopening Guidance for the Restaurant Industry Webinar
6/5/2020 Senate Passes The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 – PPP Updates
6/5/2020 If Your Business Receives SBA Financial Assistance, Non-Discrimination Poster Must Be Visible to General Public
6/5/2020 Employers Can Grant Paid Leave for Covid-19
6/5/2020 US Dept of Labor Issues Enforcement Guidance for Recording Cases of Covid-19
6/5/2020 Creative Works Makes Amusement 360 Event Virtual and Free To Register
5/28/2020 Operators Guide to Answer Difficult Questions During Covid-19
5/28/2020 Further Clarification on "Incurred" and "Expended" Definitions under PPP Forgiveness
5/28/2020 Our Crystal Ball Approach At Work – Intermediate and Longer-Term Prospects
5/21/2020 New Portal to Purchase PPEs and Sanitization Items
5/21/2020 Download Materials to Order Your Own Posters and Floor Clings
5/21/2020 New Web Portal for Covid PPE Items
5/21/2020 Expert Hosiery Offering Masks for Purchase, Player One Offering Customizable Sanitization Stations
5/21/2020 COVID-19 Rink Re-Opening Guidelines
5/21/2020 PPP Forgiveness Application Released
5/21/2020 Dept of Labor Enforcing FFCRA Paid Leave Rules for Coronavirus
5/21/2020 Determining When to Reopen After Coronavirus Shutdown
5/21/2020 EEOC Updates Employer Guidance on Coronavirus and the ADA
5/14/2020 2020 American Championships Date Change
4/30/2020 RSA Members Discuss Ideas for Reopening
4/30/2020 Join the RSA Town Hall Series on May 6 to Learn Guidelines for Re-Opening
4/30/2020 RSA Member Uses Square For PPP Loan, Receives Money in Less than 24 Hours
4/30/2020 Zero Down Payment for New AmeriTrust Clients
4/30/2020 Using Ozone Generators to Kill Viruses and Bacteria
4/30/2020 UV Light or Ambustat Systems to Disinfect Your Rink
4/30/2020 Work Comp Insights: Five Strategies for Reducing Workers' Compensation Costs
4/24/2020 Chart Showing Cares Act Assistance for Small Business Owners
4/24/2020 National Restaurant Association Offers Guidelines for Reopening
4/24/2020 Summary and Links on April 22 RSA Town Hall Series
4/24/2020 Georgia Governor Releases Executive Order for Guidelines for Business Openings
4/24/2020 Partywirks Offers 50 RSA Members Access to New Online Store to Bring In Extra $$
4/24/2020 What's Your Plan for Reopening? Gather Your Ideas and Join Us in the RSA's Town Hall Meeting Next Wednesday
4/24/2020 Star Wholesale and Froggy's Fog to Sell Hand Sanitizer to RSA Members
4/24/2020 Recommendations on Best Practices When Using Paycheck Protection Program Funds
4/24/2020 EEOC Issues COVID-19 Return To Work Guidance
4/24/2020 New Posters Under FFCRA Must Be Displayed in Workplace
4/24/2020 Are You Eligible for FFCRA Tax Credits?
4/24/2020 In Memoriam: Omar Dunn
4/24/2020 Phishing Scams with RSA Information
4/24/2020 Rinksider Magazine Provides Information on PPP/EIDL Loans and More
4/24/2020 Work Comp Insights: A Return to Health and Happiness
4/17/2020 Blue and Co Issues Webinar on How to Maximize Forgiveness & Minimizing Reduction for Your Paycheck Protection Program (P3) Loan
4/16/2020 Should You File for Business Interruption Coverage?
4/16/2020 SBA Announces Nearing End of PPP Loan Program Due to Lack of Funding
4/16/2020 Lawmakers Proposing Legislation Clarifying Business Interruption Coverage to Include Coronavirus Pandemic
4/16/2020 Ironwood (re)LAUNCH Blueprint and Updates for 4/16/2020
4/16/2020 Join the US Chamber of Commerce Educational Webinar Tomorrow (Friday, April 17, 2020 at Noon ET)
4/16/2020 IRS Provides Guidance Under the CARES Act to Taxpayers with Net Operating Losses
4/16/2020 IRS Unveils New "People First Initiative" - COVID-19 Effort Temporarily Adjusts, Suspends Key Compliance Programs
4/16/2020 Office Depot Offers Special Rates on New First Aid Five Program
4/15/2020 Lawmakers Proposing Legislation Clarifying Business Interruption Coverage to Include Coronavirus Pandemic
4/15/2020 Join the US Chamber of Commerce in their 4th National Town Hall Regarding Second Stimulus Bill
4/7/2020 National Small Business Town Hall Presented by Inc. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Coronavirus Stimulus
4/3/2020 With $349 Billion in Emergency Small Business Capital Cleared, SBA and Treasury Begin Unprecedented Public-Private Mobilization Effort to Distribute Funds
4/3/2020 U.S. Dept. of Labor Announces New CARES Act Guidance on Unemployment Insurance
4/2/2020 RSA Offers New Page with COVID-19 Resources for Members
4/2/2020 IRS News: Employee Retention Credit available for many businesses financially impacted by COVID-19
4/2/2020 New Coronavirus Relief Laws Require Paid Employee Leave
4/2/2020 Tax Day Moved to July 15
4/2/2020 Easing Employee Stress Surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic
4/2/2020 Froggy's Fog Uses Resources to Help Combat COVID-19
3/26/2020 Members Encouraged to Sign Up for HR360 to Stay Up to Date on State and Federal Laws Amid Coronavirus
3/26/2020 SBA Hosted Webinar Regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act - Transcript Link Included
3/26/2020 Sanitizing and Food Safety Preparedness
3/26/2020 US Dept. of Labor Announces Up to $100M for Dislocated Workers
3/26/2020 Information from the IRS On Labor Related Issues During COVID-19
3/25/2020 Key Points from the RSA Town Hall Meeting
3/23/2020 RSA Membership Town Hall Meeting Amid COVID-19 Outbreak
3/23/2020 Files and Links to Reach Federal and State Representatives
3/4/2020 Trolls World Tour to Provide Exclusive Roller Skate Products and Movie Release in 2020
12/9/2019 Shane Locklear Receives SRSTA Teacher of the Year Award
12/9/2019 Lisa Dunham Receives SRSTA Speed Coach of the Year Award