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7/27/2023 Member News
Summer Rinksider Magazine in Mailboxes Now!

Rinksider Magazine In Mailboxes Now!

We are happy to share the next issue of Rinksider Magazine! If you want to read it directly online, feel free to do so here! Did you know that in this issue we have 17 articles for you to learn from?!

In this issue you will find:

  • How SB Value is revolutionizing member purchasing
  • 10 wildly successful concessions ideas
  • Interview dos and don'ts
  • How to work with the film industry
  • 9 helpful tips when working with local media outlets
  • What's trending in roller skate add-ons from manufacturers and distributors
  • 20 questions from future rink owners...answered
  • Rink highlights on: Tanimowo Alli's rinks, Piccadilly Palace, the upcoming Ride On rink for adults only
  • It's not the job, it's the culture: 3 important takeaways toward reducing turnover
  • Cover story: Darius Sanders taking his anti-bullying message from the rink to the youth
  • Amplify your business value by amping up your brand
  • Supporting social causes: how to use the DEPTH method when choosing to support a cause in your community
  • 10 social media trends to embrace for your business
  • Top 10 success tips from artistic and speed coaches
  • Museum highlight: RSROA fights polio: largest roller skating fundraiser in the '40s and '50s
  • Cracking the code: aligned incentives + meaningful consequences = solid results
  • How your business should handle negative online reviews