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1/4/2023 Member News
Roller Skating Foundation Thanks Giving Tuesday Donors

Thank you from the Roller Skating Foundation

Roller Skating Foundation President, Cindy Anderson, thanked all of the members who participated on Giving Tuesday. We were able to raise $910 dollars to help provide grants to schools and scholarships to students throughout the country!

We would like to take a moment to thank the following individuals who donated either through our online donation form, with their membership dues, or on Giving Tuesday: Jimbo Hafner, Karen Lucas-Hudson, Georgia Allen, Steve Grapentin, Rebecca Wilson, Pamela Kiwerski, Ed Wankel, Dawn Bieraugel, Joe Champa, Gayle Barber, Melanie Marshall, JL Barber II, Scott Ottoway, Kim and Connie Eisenzimmer, Andy Beeuwsaert, Rob Sherman, Jeff Jackson, John Malone, Ed Golebiowski, Donna Heavner Rhodes, Chanel Dedes Bellotto, Paul Artt, Deborah Torries, Melanie Holt, Ron Parmley, Chris Conner and Cynthia Anderson. (This list does not include all of the generous donations and fundraisers at the RSA Convention.)