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12/16/2022 Member News
Strategic Planning Session Results Released

During this week's Town Hall Meeting, members got to learn all about the results of the Strategic Planning Session results and now this will impact the direction of the RSA in the next 5 years.

While at Sk8Expo, over 100 members sat together and helped come up with suggestions on where they would like to see the RSA move forward and address. Those ideas were compiled together and each RSA Board member ranked where they thought the item should be handled in level of importance to them with 1 being most important and 10 being least important. Here are those results:

1. Education and Professional Resource Tools
2. Re-organize and recognize sectional systems to strengthen members' representation at the state and national level.
3. Member Retention: keep a higher percentage of our members secure and intact
4. Community partnerships: maintain and build new relationships with businesses and organizations that align with our needs and mission
5. Communication and technological advancements
6. All forms of digital and social media/public relations: track and promote businesses that are using roller skating in their marketing of others to our betterment.
7. Vendor program: increase member benefits and create leverage buying power options
8. Manager training program
9. Office/Assets: continue to evaluate office needs over the next five years
10. Succession planning/keeping roller rinks as rinks: Help connect future operators with owners looking at retirement.