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10/28/2022 Member News
Sign Up Your Rink to Use Kids Skate Free ... For FREE!

Sign Your Rink Up to Use Kids Skate Free - FOR FREE!

Did you know that fellow rink owners are sharing that they are making more per customer on the days they offer the Kids Skate Free program? That's because the money that customers may have used on admission is now being spent in your concessions and arcade!

See the video of testimonials from members who use the program with incredible success here:

  • It's completely free for your rink to use.
  • You can set it so that customers receive one pass per week per child or two.
  • You can set it to be used whenever you want - on the slowest day of the week or on a weekend when you're looking to boost turnout.
  • You can set the ages to whatever you'd like with an automatic age-out feature.
  • You can even export your contacts to import into Constant Contact or whatever email program you use to send out birthday coupons or other special promotions.
  • You can even use the options available from Hownd (for minimal fee) like requiring your customers to share their email address and contact information to use your wifi or send out promotions through the Hownd platform. The option is completely yours as to how you'd like to use it.

To register your rink for the Kids Skate Free program, visit today!