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10/28/2022 Member News
Disney, RSA & FEC Music Join Hands in Monumental Partnership for Industry

This month, members were introduced to a ground-breaking roller skating partnership that gives RSA members the ability to use materials created by Disney and FEC Music in their roller skating centers. Looking to host a Frozen or Under the Seas party in your skating rink? Download the materials provided by Disney that include social media images for nearly every platform (as well as editable images for your graphic designers), a script, and song list to do just that!


Through FEC Music/Control Play members who utilize their program can access completely turnkey files for the Disney Hits Party sessions that do all of the heavy lifting for you! Those without FEC Music can access the script and a song list on the RSA website at

FEC Music is currently offering RSA members the following:

  • Offers to non-FEC Music subscribers who are RSA members: For any current RSA members that are not FEC Music subscribers, FEC Music is offering a free trial from now until January 1st. This will get them access to the entire library, the Disney playlists, and all of their seasonal content for Halloween, Christmas, and NYE.
  • Offers to non-FEC Music subscribers who are NOT RSA members: For any non-RSA members that join FEC Music that are not current FEC Music subscribers, they will offer 1 (one) free month of service once they have received confirmation that the rink has joined the RSA. 

 Visit to sign up.

To download the materials for the program, click on the links on this page to download. (You must be logged into your RSA member account. If you can't remember your login, call 317-347-2626 or email You can also visit at any time to access updated information to the program.

Note: This is NOT a license for non-member rinks - the rink utilizing the program must be a member of the RSA to use the program. Disney created all of the content that is available on the RSA website and can be edited by your designers to suit your needs. If you decide you want to have a princess skate, you can utilize the images provided to host your own event. FEC Music is working closely with Disney and they've created a 2 and 3-hour session song list, complete with voiceovers of games and activities that coordinate with the RSA's Big Book of Games. This will change as new songs come out, as well.

If you don't use FEC Music, they have worked out a program that gives members a one-month free trial and a discount specifically for members. They are going to create videos that coordinate with the playlist as well, if you use their program. There is a 2 hour playlist with no voiceovers, then some that have male voice or female voice. It's all branded to Disney and took a lot of work to get accomplished to present to the members. This is the beginning of the agreement, so things will evolve.

There is a new Disney character that will be a roller skating T-Rex, as well! When that comes out, this is something that we will work with them on promoting. The scripts and playlists are available on the RSA website, as well, if you would like to create your own. The RSA Promotions Committee will be working on promotions that you can create around this program.

RSA members through January 1 will get a FREE TRIAL of FEC Music using code: RSA2022. FEC Music does have a current RSA membership list, so if you own more than one rink that is not a member of the RSA, you will need to sign up that rink to be a listed member of the RSA to utilize. They have the playlist updated within their system as of today. Locations utilizing the program should ask to be added to the RSA Group playlist through the player chat or by calling them.

Note that we will be working with Disney Music Group to try to obtain a letter that members can use showing that they're able to use the imagery and such for roller skating events.