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3/4/2020 Member News
Trolls World Tour to Provide Exclusive Roller Skate Products and Movie Release in 2020

The New Year brings many exciting things for the roller skating industry. The Crazy Skate Company, in conjunction with NBC/Universal, have been granted exclusive rights to a bespoke range of Trolls World Tour roller, inline and scooter products.

While the most common license arrangements with products and movies of this nature are generally granted for mass retail and big box stores, Crazy Skates has secured a license that is aimed solely at individual retailers that are specifically NOT big box stores!

"This is a first for the industry," said brand owner and head of marketing for the company, John Moore. "This is the first time a license of this nature has been granted in the Asia Pacific and North America regions to specifically focus on building retail products to small business owners in the leisure industry," Moore said.

The Trolls World Tour attracted the Crazy Skates Company because there is roller skating in the movie itself. "This will attract people into rinks right around the world! We are so excited to be invited to be a part of this exciting project with NBC/Universal." The Crazy Skate Company was attending a small-business trade show in Australia when an executive from NBC/Universal approached them about taking part in this new licencing arrangement.

"We were honored that a marketing executive had specifically singled out our product range because of how exciting it looked and the quality was clearly above the standard they had seen from mass-production companies."

This program is a very unique opportunity for Crazy Skates. The license specifically does not allow the sale of these products into mass market stores like Walmart, Target and other large chain retailers. The license also restricts the sale of these products online only by the Crazy Skate Company. "This means that local retailers have a real shot at being able to sell a verified, good quality licensed product and not have to worry about seeing the same products in big box retailers being sold at less than their wholesale price," Moore stated.

"Basically, the Crazy Skate Company has secured the rights to be the only seller of this product range on Amazon. Independent retailers can sell in-store only, which means they will not have to compete with cut-throat pricing wars from their own suppliers on Amazon. Rink owners will be able to compete with Amazon without discounting. If rinks have it in stock, they won’t be able to purchase it cheaper on Amazon. In fact, even if you are a Prime member on Amazon with free one- or two-day shipping, they will wait longer than being able to pick it up at their local rink!"

"With the design team at NBC/Universal signing off on all of the product range designs, the products are now being produced in readiness to supply participating retailers in the lead up to the release of the movie," Mr. Moore said.

This is a real first for the roller skating industry as it provides independent operators an opportunity to sell one of the most popular children’s movie character-themed roller skates, blades and scooters directly to their customers and essentially have a level of exclusivity rarely, if ever, seen in our industry.

The Crazy Skate Company will be reaching out to rink owners in the next two months to provide those that would like to participate in this unique retail opportunity the licensing guidelines that will be required in order to sell the products. "The Crazy Skates Company has really tried to deliver something to the rink owners that has real industry marketing value," said brand owner, John Moore, and added, "we pride ourselves on producing products that actually skate. We build to a standard and not to a price, so we are excited to be working with like-minded rink owners who understand that the experience of roller skating is what brings people back to rinks - not cheap, limited-use skates made to a price with mass-marketing in mind."

"The program is not affiliated with the RSA in any way, but as a company, we are always looking at ways that we can help build the industry from within. Our ongoing efforts to promote skating and the industry at-large will continue this year with all products having a Kids Skate Free brochure in the box – including the Trolls product line. We are proud members of this fine association and will look for any opportunity to build the skating business and industry for our valued customers. Crazy Skates is working hard to become America’s premier skate company in 2020," Mr. Moore said.

Roller Rink owners interested in participating in this exciting retail opportunity can contact Amy at 317-222-6105 or email for more information.