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5/13/2019 Member News
Help Get a Roller Skating Doodle on Google

A special thank you go Southeastern Skate Supply for sharing this great idea with us! "October is National Roller Skating Month. Wouldn't it be great if Google recognized this and created a "google doodle" for their logo to help celebrate the month with us? Millions of people go to google every day. Sometimes they take their logo and tweak it to bring attention to a cause or a holiday. Send them an email and encourage them to honor National Roller Skating Month. Point out that skating is healthy. It is fun. It is a great way for kids to socialize in a healthy and safe environment. Whatever it is about skating that you love, let google know. Tell them that October is our month. Send them an email at Also, pass this along to your friends and customers to encourage them to do the same. Maybe if we get creative emails sent, get some momentum behind this, maybe they'll agree and give us our own google doodle logo."