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5/10/2019 Member News
A Million Thanks Offers Complete Rink Promotion Kit to Help Military Families

If you missed the 2019 Convention, then we certainly missed you! One program that was launched for ALL rinks, and you still have time to sign up for today, is the RSA “SKATES FOR HEROES” program being done in partnership with A Million Thanks. A Million Thanks (AMT) is a military support 501(c)3 charity organization that sends millions of thank you letters to active duty military, grants wishes to injured military and grants scholarships to children of fallen military.

The SKATES FOR HEROES program runs during May, which is National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM). It is designed to help drive business to your rink and connect your rink to your local schools, churches and youth groups. If you have had trouble getting into those doors, this program might be the key you need to open them!

SKATES FOR HEROES is a complete rink promotion that is delivered to you in an electronic Dropbox with everything from complete instructions, press releases, flyers, announcement scripts, and support from A Million Thanks. Literally, you just add your rink name and logo and print them out and you are good to go!

You still have plenty of time to take advantage of all the television and newspaper coverage that NMAM brings to groups and companies who are making a difference in the lives of our military men and women serving our country.

All you need to do is to send an email with your name, phone number and rink name to You will receive an email back that day with the link to the Dropbox that contains everything you need.

Here is how one rink in California is promoting their program. You can also visit to learn more about their mission.