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12/6/2018 Member News
Foundation Announces 2019 Scholarship Forms

The Roller Skating Foundation has released the 2019 Scholarship Application. The requirements for the application are as follows with two awards being handed out for $2000 and $4000.



A $4000 first place academic scholarship and a $2000 second place academic scholarship will be awarded to the high school seniors who:

1.  Can be certified to be a child of an owner or an employee of an RSA skating center or a child or employee of an RSA affiliated member.

2.  Completes and timely submits the scholarship application form in its entirety.

3.  Must have at least a 3.2 grade point average on an unadjusted 4.0 scale.

4.  ACT/SAT scores must be submitted with scholarship application and will be taken into consideration when considering potential scholarship awards.

5.  Demonstrates excellence in all areas they choose to engage; academics, work, volunteering, athletics, community, civic, and faith-based organizations, etc.

6.  Must have three (3) letters of reference, one from each of the following: RSA member/affiliate member; guidance counselor; teacher.

7.  Must include complete high school transcripts. 8. Must include a 500- to 700-word personal essay explaining how roller skating has influenced your life, your goals for the

8.  future, and how this scholarship would help you achieve those goals.


1.  Application should be submitted for the fall semester.

2.  Applicants must meet the criteria to be considered for this scholarship.

3.  Completed applications must be received at the Roller Skating Foundation by February 28, 2019.

4.  Application must be submitted the year in which you plan to attend college.

5.  Award will be announced in early April 2019. Winner will be posted on


Deadline for submissions is February 28, 2019