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12/6/2018 Member News
Host a Pet Adoption Day at Your Rink


Once you have laid the groundwork for the event (start by downloading the flyer here to begin promoting), you’re ready to dive into the details of planning the day. The earlier you can get started, the better prepared you will be to handle any hurdles that may pop up.

  • Pick a date and location. Do your research and ensure your event date does not conflict with any other events in your area.
  • Partner with a responsible local group whether it be a rescue group or humane society.  
  • Location
    • tables, chairs, will there be pens or crates
    • food and drink, will your snack bar be open
    • will this go during a regular session or will this be a stand alone event?
    • marketing materials like signs, flyers, and digital advertising
    • and more!


  • Take advantage of social media. Use all the different platforms to reach the different crowds and work with your partner organization as they likely also have a social media presence and a strong following. 
  • Connect with local supporters. Most local vet clinics, pet supply stores, groomers, etc. will be happy to support your event. Ask if you can email them a flier to hang in their window or pin one to their community boards. Again your partner organization probably has ties to these organizations and will know who you can email your flyers and such too.
  • Partner with a local influencer or ambassador. There are often local bloggers or pet enthusiasts that would be happy to volunteer an article or be an ambassador for your event.


A lot of this stuff can be handled through the organization you will be partnering with but everyone loves animals. So this is a great way to do something good in your community, build excitement, reach new customers that maybe wouldn’t have previously been aware of your facility, and you can play with animals!!!!