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8/18/2020 Member News
Announcing the NEW Kids Skate Free Program Powered by Hownd






The Roller Skating Association International is pleased to announce that Hownd®, a customer foot traffic and revenue-generation platform for family entertainment centers that’s used by more than 100 rinks -- has partnered with our association to manage and enhance the Kids Skate Free (KSF) program.

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The enhancements include a new technology platform that makes the program easier for rinks and their customers to use and is intended to drive broader participation from consumers.

In addition to the new platform, other key initial enhancements and features include: 



Redemption of KSF passes within MyHownd®, which creates an easier process for participating rinks.

Consumers will now automatically receive their weekly passes in the MyHownd® mobile app to ensure they always have their current KSF passes.


Elimination of the $4 per child annual fee which Hownd and RSA anticipate will result in a surge of interest and engagement from current and new KSF customers.



RSA’s and Hownd’s mutual goal is to get as many rinks as possible on board with the KSF program because the more rinks that participate, the more customers will visit skating centers – something we would all like to see!

As part of the partnership, rinks participating in the program will also become part of Hownd’s growing network of rinks and other family entertainment centers, and they won’t pay a sign-up fee or monthly subscription fee to make their KSF benefits and other promotional offers available to nearby consumers.

Through the company’s zero-risk Results-Delivering Pricing™ model, rinks only pay Hownd a nominal fee when they bring them paying customers.

The Kids Skate Free program has proven to be very worthwhile for many RSA rinks.



Upcoming Kids Skate Free Webinars


RSA-member rinks that are currently participating in the KSF program will learn more about the new features during the RSA’s regular weekly Town Hall webinar tomorrow.

When: Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Time: 11:30 a.m. Eastern time.

Register to attend:

RSA-member rinks that aren’t participating in the KSF program will learn more about the program during the RSA’s regular weekly Town Hall webinar next week.

When: Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Time: 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time

Register to attend:

Rinks that aren’t yet RSA members or who aren’t participating in the KSF program are encouraged to learn about how the new capabilities enabled by the partnership will help them grow their business by visiting where they can also sign-up for the program. 




A Word from Brandon Willey, CEO of Hownd

“All of the enhancements are now in place and ready for rink owners/operators and their current and future customers to immediately use,” says Brandon Willey, CEO of Hownd. “We were able to quickly implement these very positive changes as a result of the capabilities already programmed within the Hownd platform and MyHownd app, as well as a collaborative partnership with RSA. To RSA’s credit, they recognized that changes were necessary to re-energize the KSF program and that Hownd was in a position to help.”



A Word from Jim McMahon, RSA Executive Director

“Our partnership with Hownd has enabled the KSF program to be integrated with their platform that’s already been proven to bring rinks more customers and revenue, so this is a sensible way to further expand on their capabilities for the benefit of participating rinks,” explains Jim McMahon, RSA’s Executive Director. “Rinks that are in the KSF program now have additional opportunities to grow their customer base and increase their revenue.”




Testimonials from Participating

Kids Skate Free Skating Centers


“I monitored our average ticket per customer for a full year after starting Kids Skate Free, and even with all the Kids Skate Free passes, it did not go down,” says Rob Gould, owner of Interskate 91 South in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. “In fact our other areas of revenue like food and beverage went up. When a customer has come five weeks in a row with a Kids Skate Free pass and has spent all that money on skate rentals, buying skates from us is an easy conversation to have.” 

“Because of Kids Skate Free, we bought new skates and we increased our skate rental price from $1.50 to $4 and it paid for the new skates,” says Nicole Bisping, General Manager of Skateworld Center in Tallahassee, Florida. “One day we had 108 Kids Skate Free passes, not to mention those who paid full price. When we do the averages at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if they got in free or paid full price. Our average didn't go down; we were still averaging $10, $11, $12 per person. This program has changed our rink, our business, and how we see our guests. It's the best thing we’ve ever done!