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10/25/2017 Member News
NEW ICEE / RSA Partnership Now Open to New and Current ICEE Customers

We are thrilled to announce that ICEE has opened the doors to the new ICEE/RSA Program to any RSA member who already has the ICEE Frozen Beverage program. Now, both new AND current customers are entitled to receive RSA member pricing provided they sign and return the agreement back to RSA. Once they receive the agreement, they'll add you to the program.
RSA Member - ICEE Price Structure
  • ICEE Concentrates: $34.45/gallon
  • Pepsi Concentrates: $39.15/gallon
  • 12oz ICEE/AB Cups: $156/case
  • 12oz Dome Lids: $39/case
  • 16oz ICEE/AB Cups: $69/case
  • 16oz Dome Lids: $40.01/case
  • 24oz ICEE/AB Cups: $75.90/case
  • 24oz Dome Lids: $40.01/case
  • 32oz ICEE/AB Cups: $47.20/case
  • 32oz Dome Lids: $42.07/case
  • Wrapped spoon straws: $73.87/case
* All pricing subject to annual price increase
Questions about the contract? Call Sharon McMahon at 317-347-2626 Ext. 108 or email